Code of Conduct

As a member of the Busted and Dusted Trap Shooting Team you understand that you have been given a unique privilege to participate in this Sport.

  •        You will agree to follow all of the rules as outlined by the Amateur Trapshooting Association and its affiliate youth arm “Academics, Integrity and Marksmanship” (AIM).
  •         You will be respectful of all your fellow team members and coaching staff at all times and represent the Team with pride and integrity whenever you are participating in a AIM event or Team activity.
  •         You are required to purchase, maintain and wear the assigned Team’s uniform anytime that you are competing with the team or while attending any AIM event or Team activity unless otherwise directed by the Team’s leadership (not required for practices).
  •        Athletes and Parents will respect their Coaches and follow their direction.  Athletes and Parents understand that they need to follow this direction especially during our AIM events or Team activities at all times for Safety reasons to protect all Athletes, Coaches, Volunteers and Spectators.
  •        You agree to make Safety the Number One Priority whenever you are handling a firearm.
  •          Courtesy and Sportsmanship go hand in hand with safety to create a safe and fun environment.  They also portray our sport in the best possible light within our Team and the greater community.  There will be a strong emphasis on the value of team unity, sportsmanship, and hard work.  Every team member will have an important role to play. Trap shooting is a fun sporting competition which we hope you enjoy and take with you well into your future as adults.
  •          Along with the safety rules the following conduct and sportsmanship rules will be strictly enforced:
  •        Blatant violations of safety rules, discourteous behavior including heckling, bullying, trash talking, temper tantrums or disobedience of directions from coaching staff will result in immediate removal from the trap line and possibly club grounds, with further disciplinary actions at the discretion of the Head Coach.
  •       When a miss occurs, we expect no displays of displeasure.  Take your misses in good sport and show those watching your good sportsmanship.
  •        Any misuse or violation of these rules could result in suspension of your shooting privileges with the team and possible permanent removal from the team’s roster.